• Dan Lee
    Dan Lee

    I ride!

    Team President
  • Charles Himes
    Charles Himes

    I played soccer all throughout my childhood and didn’t discover cycling until after I graduated high school in 1989, then discovered mountain biking and began racing shortly after. I took some time off to start a family & started riding again in 2006-2007 with Dan Lee & his crew. We kicked around the idea of starting a team & was approached by Windsor Bicycle Center to help them with their team in 2010. And, in 2013 we formed the Velo Fratello / Bay Equity Cycling Team and continue to act as VP & Team Director, while riding and racing in road, mountain and CX events at every available opportunity!

    VP - Team Director
  • Mike Warren
    Mike Warren

    I have been riding bikes my whole life. It started as a kid in Los Angeles in 1972 when I put motorcycle handlebars and a knobby tire on my Schwinn stingray. My family moved to Occidental that summer and I built a trail and some jumps with a bucket and a shovel. As soon as there were BMX races I was there. During my college years the MTB was invented, and I was smitten. I started doing races here and there but mostly just liked going on adventures and being outdoors. My friends and I started going to Downieville in 1988, when it really was just a mining trail! Over the years I continued to race MTB but never very seriously. After my two kids got into high school I found that I had more time and started riding a lot more both on the road and in the dirt.

    Hopefully the best is yet to come!

    Roving Board Member
  • Dennis Brodowski

    Like every kid back then, I rode my bike. To get here and there, to “race”, to jump… you know to be kids! My folks got me a 24″ wheeled BMX because “you’re too tall for a little bike”, and I mostly rode it on the dirt. My intro to mountain biking. I eventually got a real mountain bike. A Trek SingleTrack 850. Once I got my drivers’ license, the trails options became greater. Fast forward, I moved around a bunch, not really riding. Then I wound up in Santa Rosa, and started using a bike to commute to Sebastopol. Caught the bug again, and rode a bunch. I bought some new bikes (mountain(with shocks!), and a commuter). Then I met Rahi, and started riding even more! Lost weight, got healthy, and bought a fancy road bike for a present for myself for quitting smoking. Did my first century in Death Valley on that road bike. Now cycling is a part of me. It is who I am. I love it all. Road, mountain, and cyclocross. It’s like I need it to function as a normal human being now. My goals are to keep getting faster to be able to keep up with the team! Outside of cycling, I’m a fishmonger at Whole Foods Market. My wife is the biggest supporter of my riding, with constant encouragements and patience!

    Social Media Director
  • Brigitte Week
    Brigitte Week

    More about Brigitte coming soon!

    Team Member
  • Erik Week
    Erik Week

    I rode BMX bikes as a kid, and later I moved to dirt bikes. A motorcycle injury and the subsequent loss of fitness re-ignited my love for cycling and I started riding mountain bikes.

    The local mountain bike guys were kicking my butt and told me I needed to get into road cycling to improve my fitness…so I started road riding also.  I started to feel pretty racy at the local race rides and decided to start racing in 2012. Racing has been a great motivator to improve my fitness and skills.

    Cycling has become a healthy lifestyle that I share with my friends and family and now my “Brothers” at Velo Fratello.

    Team Member
  • Rahi Kamfar
    Rahi Kamfar

    I have been riding for about 9 years. I ride road,mtn,cross,and good old commuter bike. I have lived in Sonoma county since 1996.

    Currently I am grocery specialist at Whole Foods Market on Yulupa ave. I participate in a fair amount of local rides and also race locally.

    I am always up for a great ride midweek!

    Team Member
  • Joe Huges rides for Velo Fratello cycling team.
    Joe Hughes

    I’m born and raised here in Sonoma County.  I started riding hardcore in 7th grade when my friend became inspired by Ned Overend and John Tomac.  I’ve been hooked ever since, repairing bikes, building bikes, breaking bikes, I just love to ride.  Lately I’ve been focusing on my road routine, 100+ excursions and anything with serious elevation gain.

    Team Member
  • Scott Orton
    Scott Orton

    To introduce myself, I’m 32 years old, and a fan of pretty much all things bicycle related. I’ve been riding since I was a kid, but really jumped into the racing scene after moving to Santa Rosa a little over 7 years ago. I started racing on the road, but after my first cat 4 crit landed me in the emergency room, I decided to stick to the dirt for racing purposes. My racing focus is definitely cyclocross, but I do like to mix it up on the mountain bike at Boggs 8hr, the dirt crits, and the Annadel XC. Goals for next year are simply competing at Boggs (solo single speed), improving on this year’s 5th place finish in the open single speed category at the Annadel XC, and stepping onto podiums at open B cross races.

    Really looking forward to being part of the team!

    Team Member
  • Justin Madison
    Justin Madison

    More on Justin Madison coming soon!

    Team Member
  • Creg Jackson
    Creg Jackson

    Fun things I’ve done on a bike:

    Rode my first century at age 16
    Rode the South Island of New Zealand, 890 miles in 11 days
    Sausalito to Encinitas, 500 miles in 5 days
    North Island of Japan, Hokkaido 400 miles in 6 days
    Raced for the Guam National Team, 1994-2000
    Guam National Road Champion in 2000
    Alternate for the Guam National Olympic Team, Road and Mountain, 2000
    Raced in Thailand
    Raced in the Philippines
    Raced in Australia
    Raced La Ruta de los Conquistadores
    Rode the “Death Ride”, Tour of the California Alps
    Trans US ride, 3350 miles in 25 days
    I won my first 10 speed in a drawing from a bike shop
    I still ride my bike, and love it!

    Team Member
  • Brandon Fechter
    Brandon Fechter

    I am 34 years old and live in Santa Rosa, married with 3 daughters (twins 8, youngest is 4).

    I have been recreational mtn biking my entire life. Started entering races/events a few years ago. Started road biking in 2011 and hopefully getting into the cx thing soon.

    Joined VF for the great people/riders. Look forward to pushing myself into a stronger rider to be able to better compete in the sport. Couldn’t think of a better way to do that then join VF!

    Team Member
  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark

    I moved to Sonoma County in 2005 for work. I started riding borrowed mountain bikes as an adult in 2015 to compete in a bike bet with a few friends, seeing who could get the most annual miles. After cruising the trails and streets on an old Santa Cruz Superlight I knew there had to be a better way. Borrowing a friend’s Scott Addict I immediately saw how quickly and effortlessly the miles racked up. I got myself a Motobecane with 105 components and the many roads of north west Sonoma County opened up for me. 2016 started on a shiny new Santa Cruz Bantam on which I entered the Napa Valley Dirt Classic, my first bike race. It was a muddy, slick and rough day, but I loved it! I followed that with the Wine Country Century, Tahoe Trail 50k, Annadel XC and the climb up Haleakala on my honeymoon. In 2017 I’ve completed all the Grasshoppers and am signed up for Lost and Found, Tahoe Trail 100k and Leadville Stage Race. As much as I love pushing myself and going hard, riding with my wife and six year old son are some of my favorite rides. Connecting with Velo Fratello would be ideal as I become a better rider and racer.

    Team Member
  • Ario Bigattini
    Ario Bigattini

    I recently got back after a two year stay in Lyon, France where I really enjoyed road cycling and racing with my former squad Team Des Dombes. Previously, in Sonoma County I rode with the virtual Soulcraft team but never really raced seriously, neither do I still today, but enjoyed staying fit enough for GrassHoppers, Sugarland Series, TTTs and Dirt Crits and very long time ago, the infamous Twilights with my favorite group of people, the notorious Bobas.

    I enjoy MTBing but show my vagina, as Rahi says on the downhills, and Cyclocross is my next favorite. Naturally I am a roadie, but road racing is what motivates me the least as I typically ride for others.

    So count on me to help you out when and if I can.

    Team Member
  • Neil Langridge
    Neil Langridge

    Neil’s bio is on the way!

    Team Member
  • John Iverson
    John Iverson

    John’s bio will be arriving shortly…

    Team Member
  • Ryan Powell
    Ryan Powell

    I have been riding bicycles my whole life and my true passion has been on two wheels with an engine. I’ve been racing dirt bikes off-road for 20 years and I fell in love with riding and racing bicycles along the way. I joined the Velo Fratello team a few years ago and have loved every minute of it.

    Team Member
  • Michael Loftesnes
    Michael Loftesness

    After a long departure from cycling, I entered a cyclocross race on 12/31/15 and came in last place. It reignited earlier USCF/Collegiate cycling days. To improve CX bike handling, MTB XC racing was a logical choice and I found some speed by year two (2018 Cat 2 50-59 State Champion – CA Dirt Series overall winner). I have three 2018 goals remaining; Santa Rosa Cup B45 overall, CCCX B45 overall (currently in 2nd after four events) and move up to A45 for Sac CX series. There are numerous races slated for XC & CX in 2019 with a pending decision to move to Cat 1 for Sea Otter. 2020 I turn 55 and would really enjoy putting in the effort to be a reasonable Cat 1 in XC and A in CX. I have a lot to learn, but really enjoy the process and applying new ideas to be better.

    Team Member
  • Frank Peavey

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Treasurer
  • Erick Brockway

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Secretary
  • Johnny Ruggeri

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Member
  • Alex Trevena

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Member
  • Brian Bauer

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Member
  • Laurel Powell

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Member
  • Chris Clark

    Bio coming soon.

    Team Member